Released 2005-07-01
JamochaMUD version 1.1 with fixes and features for version 1.2 (All fixes up to release v1.1 2005-10-03)
0000117: [Installation] Create autopackage distribution of JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000116: [Main Program] JamochaMUD does not always indicate disconnection or lost connection (jeffnik)
0000104: [Compiling] "edu" package is not included in the JamochaMUD source code (jeffnik)
0000103: [User Interface] User-defined size for text entry area (jeffnik)
0000109: [User Interface] Keyboard navigation of MU* output (jeffnik)
0000107: [Main Program] forward slashes won't work (jeffnik)
0000057: [User Interface] Not all keystrokes are registered by input window (jeffnik)
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