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0000107JamochaMUDMain Programpublic2005-09-24 21:29
ReporterblueiceAssigned Tojeffnik 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.2 rc1 
Summary0000107: forward slashes won't work
DescriptionI am using a smaug based OLC, and when I try to use an editor I cannot save it or anything because the command is for some reason not getting to the mud.

Commands like /s and /l and /a
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2005-09-09 23:25

administrator   ~0000079

JamochaMUD uses the forward slash for to set variables and to set and retrieve "definitions". When-ever the client encounters a forward slash as the first character it checks to see if this definition is used.

I'll change the JamochaMUD behaviour so that when it encounters something that isn't a definition it will let the command "fall through" the the MU* server.


2005-09-10 21:11

administrator   ~0000080

Any commands that begin with a forward-slash (unless they are /set, /unset, /def, /undef or user defined) will now be passed on to the MU* server. The latest release of JamochaMUD should work correctly now.

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