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0000011JamochaMUDPlug-inpublic2005-09-24 21:30
ReporterjeffnikAssigned Tojeffnik 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.0 
Summary0000011: Gag & Triggers plug-in dialogue needs severe reworking.
Description Gag & Triggers plug-in dialogue needs severe reworking.
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2003-04-18 17:30

administrator   ~0000007

The plug-in's dialogue box has been reworked slightly in that only relevent selections will be enabled. Though it is not the best fix for now, at least it gives some direction as to how options are to be used when creating and editing items.


2004-04-10 21:27

administrator   ~0000039

GUI interface has been redone (with the help of NetBeans) and the terminology simplied so that it is easier to use.

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