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0000119JamochaMUDUser Interfacepublic2008-02-03 15:57
ReporterjeffnikAssigned Tojeffnik 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2 rc2 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.7 
Summary0000119: Ability to double-click on links, activating them in another program
DescriptionAbility to double-click on links, activating them in another program, such as launching a URL in a web browser, etc.
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2005-11-12 00:28

administrator   ~0000091

A new method of launching a web browser has been implemented that will make use of the Java Webstart services. If these services are not available (apparently when the program is launched stand-alone), JamochaMUD will use a standard RunTime.exec command.


2005-11-20 15:56

administrator   ~0000093

Under KDE on Linux double-clicking on a link opens a view to the local file-system and a new version of the Konquerer web browser. Also, double-clicking does not always capture the entire URL as expected.


2007-01-28 21:47

administrator   ~0000115

Using the BrowserLauncher2 package JamochaMUD should now be able to successfully launch links via double-clicking.


2007-02-10 18:03

administrator   ~0000116

Due to a bug in the Windows implementation of the JDK, the values returned by getSelectedText() do not match those returned by the methods getSelectionStart() and getSelectionEnd(). This means on the Windows platform JamochaMUD cannot successfully pull the complete URL from the text.


2008-02-03 15:57

administrator   ~0000142

A work-around has been created for this.

JamochaMUD takes the String from the "getSelectedText()" method and the index of the erroneous "getSelectionStart()" method. JamochaMUD then searches from the getSelectionStart index looking for the string that matches the getSelectedText(). Now that we have the actual index, we can process the URL.

This is painful, but should now work whether Sun fixes this bug or not. Plus, I don't think there is too much of a performance hit, either.

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