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0000017JamochaMUDMain Programpublic2005-09-24 21:30
ReporterjeffnikAssigned Tojeffnik 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.0 
Summary0000017: JamochaMUD icon does not always show on main window
DescriptionIf JamochaMUD is launched from a directory other than the anecho\JamochaMUD directory, the kehza.gif icon will not appear.
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2003-02-28 04:18

administrator   ~0000001

Fix implemented for image loading to ensure that the JamochaMUD icon is always taken from the correct directory.

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2005-09-24 21:03 jeffnik Status closed => resolved
2005-09-24 21:03 jeffnik Fixed in Version => 1.0 rc1
2005-09-24 21:30 jeffnik Status resolved => closed