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0000083JamochaMUDMain Programpublic2005-09-24 21:29
ReporterPaulTBAssigned Tojeffnik 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.0 
Summary0000083: 'Connect' dialog can't be closed if main window not open.
DescriptionWhen starting jamochaMUD (Windows XP) initially the 'Connect' 'Add MU*' 'Remove MU*' ... dialog is displayed.

If, instead of connecting, you click the [x] in the corner to shut it down it hangs and can't be got rid of without killing the javaw process.
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2004-08-20 01:51

administrator   ~0000046

A temporary fix is to choose "Don't Connect" and then close the main JamochaMUD window. Will look into a fix.


2004-08-25 23:37

administrator   ~0000056

Old code was still attached to the close button... which wouldn't be a big deal in itself but unfortunately how JamochaMUD used to shut down is not how it does it anymore. The button has been rewired to terminate JamochaMUD if the main window is not showing, or just dismiss the Connector if the main window is visible.

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