Thus harkens a new era of vapidity.

CheezeNet(3), my "home" on the 'net, and an important testiment to the fact of why I really have no life. Venture further if you're interested, stick around if you've got nothing better to do, or you can even just view the site with the same morbid fascination as a car accident!

Some of the things that currently occupy my time (other'n my day job, that is) is the creation of various artistic and programmatic monstrocities:
Art - a collection of my work reaching back as far as 1992, including a variety of drawings, paintings, logos, comics, anthro-art and various digital art-doodles
Programming - I fritter away my time trying to work on JamochaMUD, a Java-based MUD/Muck client and a plethora of smaller projects which haven't yet matured enough to expose to public scrutiny. (Basically meaning the other stuff doesn't really work yet).
Moobelling - That's such a weird term, huh? But you just wait till I convert the wicked to think the way I do! Can the idea of not working for a living actually be that bad?
Networking and the machines that go hmrrrmmmm all night long - Yup, I dig on 'em.

Coming soon, my public GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) key.

Questions and comments are gladly accepted. Feel free to send e-mail to Jeff Robinson <>.
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