Released 2005-10-13
JamochaMUD version 1.1 with fixes and features for version 1.2 (All fixes up to release v1.1 2005-12-28)
0000123: [Feature Request] Allow colour customisation (jeffnik)
0000043: [User Interface] ANSI parser does not correctly read all colour escapes (jeffnik)
0000106: [Feature Request] Support for clean output to file (jeffnik)
0000120: [User Interface] Add Mneumonics to the connection dialogue (jeffnik)
0000086: [Main Program] Paste to 'connect' dialog goes to main window input if main window open. (jeffnik)
0000004: [User Interface] Disappearing windows in X-Windows (jeffnik)
0000118: [Plug-in] Highlighting of individual terms in Gag and Highlights plug-in (jeffnik)
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