Released 2018-07-30
0000262: [User Interface] New hyperlinks do not function in Windows (jeffnik)
0000271: [User Interface] Dictionaries have changed (jeffnik)
0000196: [Feature Request] Tab = autocomplete words (jeffnik)
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Released 2015-08-30
Bugfix to stop crash during writing out of settings file.
0000274: [Main Program] does not save settings (jeffnik)
0000273: [User Interface] Double-click on "World" node (jeffnik)
0000272: [User Interface] Double-click on world doesn't work (jeffnik)
0000270: [User Interface] JamochaMUD does not indicate failed connection (jeffnik)
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Released 2012-03-10
JamochaMUD version 4.9 released on 2012-03-10.
0000260: [User Interface] Hyperlinks are not clickable in the "About" dialogue (jeffnik)
0000264: [User Interface] "What's New" dialogue should appear first (jeffnik)
0000205: [User Interface] JamochaMUD does not launch links in FireFox 3 (jeffnik)
0000267: [User Interface] Some links in AboutBox are out of date. (jeffnik)
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Released 2010-02-11
JamochaMUD version 4.7 released 2010-05-16.
0000259: [Feature Request] JamochaMUD should support MXP (jeffnik)
0000257: [User Interface] Double-clicking links does not work in Windows (jeffnik)
0000204: [Main Program] ANSI code processing is flaky (jeffnik)
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Released 2009-12-20
JamochaMUD version 4.6 released 2010-02-10.
0000255: [User Interface] JamochaMUD should give better feedback while importing a settings archive file (jeffnik)
0000256: [User Interface] Grammar error when importing JamochaMUD settings archive (jeffnik)
0000254: [User Interface] JamochaMUD should support OpenOffice 3.x dictionaries (jeffnik)
0000253: [User Interface] Disabled spell-check warning message dialogue does not have title. (jeffnik)
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Released 2009-11-23
JamochaMUD version 4.5 released 2009-12-19.
0000249: [Main Program] Menu accelerators not platform independent (jeffnik)
0000246: [Main Program] JamochaMUD does not use the Mac system menu (jeffnik)
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Released 2009-09-18
Version 4.4 of JamochaMUD released on 2009-11-22.
0000157: [Plug-in] Cannot type input after intialising plug-in (jeffnik)
0000245: [Plug-in] Plug-ins are hard-coded in Jar-file version of JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000241: [User Interface] JamochaMUD should give more useful connection error messages (jeffnik)
0000234: [Compiling] Source code archives are cluttered with un-needed files (jeffnik)
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Released 2009-08-13
JamochaMUD version 4.3 released on 2009-09-17.
0000239: [Feature Request] Support for proxies/tunneling (jeffnik)
0000243: [Main Program] Program will not end when using "quit" command (jeffnik)
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Released 2009-06-28
JamochaMUD v4.2 released 2009-08-13.
0000242: [User Interface] Text error in "world already exists" dialogue (jeffnik)
0000240: [User Interface] Automatic character login not working (jeffnik)
0000238: [Main Program] SOCKS proxy does not work (jeffnik)
0000237: [User Interface] Socks proxy dialogue is not immediately active when first used. (jeffnik)
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Released 2009-06-17
JamochaMUD version 4.1 released 2009-06-27.
0000236: [User Interface] Socks proxy dialogue does not maintain information (jeffnik)
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Released 2009-03-29
JamochaMUD version 4.0 released 2009-06-16.
0000235: [Main Program] Support for "Extended ASCII" (jeffnik)
0000233: [Main Program] JamochaMUD no longer runs on Java 1.4 or lower (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-12-30
JamochaMUD version 3.9 released 2009-03-28.
0000230: [Main Program] Log files not saved in proper location if custom logging is disabled (jeffnik)
0000229: [Main Program] Definitions cannot contain multiple commands (jeffnik)
0000227: [Feature Request] JamochaMUD should identify the client to the server (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-11-17
Version 3.8 released 2008-12-30.
0000225: [Plug-in] Furrymuck location plug-in does not always function (jeffnik)
0000222: [Main Program] Better argument parsing must be added to JMUD.class (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-10-07
Version 3.7 release 2008-11-16
0000063: [Main Program] Access MUDConnector lists (jeffnik)
0000218: [User Interface] Poor interface design on World Connector (jeffnik)
0000220: [User Interface] MUD address and port reversed (jeffnik)
0000217: [User Interface] User does not receive activity indication when minimized (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-09-06
Version 3.6 released 2008-10-06.
0000206: [Other] Gags and Highlights settings not reloaded after upgrade (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-08-06
Version 3.5 released 2008-09-05.
0000207: [Main Program] control-p does not work (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-07-28
Version 3.4 released 2008-08-06.
0000213: [Main Program] JamochaMUD will not do a "Connect Only" if there are no existing worlds (jeffnik)
0000215: [User Interface] Background of output will be grey instead of making character bold (jeffnik)
0000212: [Main Program] Pressing "Connect Only" with a character selected causes JamochaMUD to hang (jeffnik)
0000203: [Main Program] "Connect Only" does not connect (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-07-19
JamochaMUD released on 2008-07-28.
0000208: [Main Program] Allow users to specify logfile locations and file names (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-07-07
JamochaMUD version 3.2 released 2008-07-19.
0000202: [Main Program] puppet output displays in main tabl instead of puppet tab (jeffnik)
0000201: [Installation] JamochaMUD does not give a clear message when SSL/non-SSL connection fails. (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-06-22
JamochaMUD version released 2008-07-06.
0000174: [Feature Request] Ability to determine if output should be in multiple windows or tabs (jeffnik)
0000198: [User Interface] Ability to refine what is considered /puppet window input (jeffnik)
0000199: [User Interface] Output to a MU* from a puppet window should automatically pre-pend the puppet information. (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-05-04
Version 3.0 of JamochaMUD released 2008-06-21.
0000188: [Feature Request] wishing for a plug-in to create seperate windows for things like ooc chat and other guild chats (jeffnik)
0000168: [Feature Request] Separate windows for handling "zombies" (jeffnik)
0000195: [User Interface] Activity notification (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-04-19
JamochaMUD v2.9 released 2008-05-04
0000194: [Plug-in] Gags & Triggers plug-in does not load new information after a "save" (jeffnik)
0000193: [Main Program] Malformed colour code hangs client (jeffnik)
0000190: [Feature Request] Add a ticker plug-in (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-03-15
Features all fixes up to 2008-04-18.
0000191: [Main Program] Crash on launch from java webstart (jeffnik)
0000192: [Main Program] Create version control for preference modules (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-02-03
JamochaMUD version 2.8 released March 15, 2008.
0000189: [Feature Request] Create way to indicate what has changed in JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000185: [Feature Request] Use of arrow keys to navigate command history. (jeffnik)
0000186: [User Interface] Lines of text dropped from output (jeffnik)
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Released 2008-01-10
JamochaMUD version 2.7, released February 2, 2008. It's the birthday build!
0000184: [Main Program] Refactor methods that receive text from other classes (jeffnik)
0000119: [User Interface] Ability to double-click on links, activating them in another program (jeffnik)
0000183: [User Interface] Copying text to the clip board scrolls view up to beginning of text. (jeffnik)
0000180: [User Interface] Double-clicked web addresses do not become deselected (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-12-10
JamochaMUD version 2.6, released 2008-01-09.
0000179: [Main Program] TinyFugue editor keys no longer respond (jeffnik)
0000170: [Feature Request] Add current connect to list of worlds (jeffnik)
0000177: [User Interface] Web addresses should be underlined (jeffnik)
0000167: [Feature Request] Add key binding (jeffnik)
0000050: [User Interface] Auto-login (jeffnik)
0000176: [User Interface] Illegal URL characters cause web browser to "fail" (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-11-21
Version 2.5 of JamochaMUD.
0000175: [User Interface] Copy and paste does not work correctly under Windows (jeffnik)
0000171: [Feature Request] Timestamp (jeffnik)
0000172: [User Interface] Local echo does not get highlighted (jeffnik)
0000169: [Plug-in] Plug-in description is not displayed (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-10-02
Version 2.4 of JamochaMUD. Version 2.3 was released with-out proper versioning, so we will skip to version 2.4.
0000165: [Main Program] Hang on "reconnect" (jeffnik)
0000166: [Feature Request] Clear command not honoured (jeffnik)
0000164: [User Interface] JamochaMUD overlaps mneumonics (jeffnik)
0000160: [User Interface] Default font should be monospaced (jeffnik)
0000162: [Main Program] JamochaMUD will send "unset" command to MU* when connecting directly from the command line. (jeffnik)
0000161: [Feature Request] Remotely set title of MU* (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-06-03
Version 2.2 of JamochaMUD released 2007-09-29.
0000156: [Plug-in] Plug-ins fail when in directories with spaces in their names (jeffnik)
0000159: [Compiling] Automatically connect to a MU* on start-up (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-05-11
JamochaMUD version 2.0
0000154: [Feature Request] Support for multiple spell-check languages (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-03-31
Version 1.9 of JamochaMUD
0000152: [User Interface] Cannot send an blank line to MU* (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-01-30
JamochaMUD release 1.8
0000151: [Plug-in] Allow gags & highlighting plug-in to support triggers (jeffnik)
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Released 2007-01-05
Version 1.7 of JamochaMUD.
0000149: [User Interface] Caret is not always visible in input window. (jeffnik)
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Released 2006-11-04
JamochaMUD version 1.6
0000148: [User Interface] Command history disabled when first run (jeffnik)
0000147: [User Interface] Text colour different between output and input pane (jeffnik)
0000146: [Main Program] Command history dialogue does not work (jeffnik)
0000143: [Main Program] New worlds cannot be added (jeffnik)
0000075: [Feature Request] Automatic update notifier (jeffnik)
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Released 2006-07-29
JamochaMUD version 1.5
0000140: [Feature Request] Auto-login (jeffnik)
0000141: [Feature Request] Addition of character support to new Muck Connector (jeffnik)
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Released 2006-04-09
JamochaMUD version 1.4 released on 2006-07-29.
0000048: [Main Program] Attempting to connect to a non-existant MU* blocks program (jeffnik)
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Released 2006-01-08
JamochaMUD version 1.3 (2004-04-06)
0000134: [Feature Request] Indicator for when activity occurs on other MU*s (jeffnik)
0000059: [Feature Request] Spell checker (jeffnik)
0000138: [Feature Request] Import / Export feature for settings (jeffnik)
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Released 2005-12-29
JamochaMUD version 1.2 (released 2006-01-05)
0000070: [Installation] Create platform independent installation (jeffnik)
0000133: [Feature Request] Support for secure connections (jeffnik)
0000137: [Main Program] JamochaMUD hangs during connection (jeffnik)
0000136: [User Interface] Window divider location not apparent (jeffnik)
0000135: [User Interface] Splash-screen hides rc-file creation dialogue (jeffnik)
0000128: [Main Program] User defined command history length (jeffnik)
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Released 2005-10-13
JamochaMUD version 1.1 with fixes and features for version 1.2 (All fixes up to release v1.1 2005-12-28)
0000123: [Feature Request] Allow colour customisation (jeffnik)
0000043: [User Interface] ANSI parser does not correctly read all colour escapes (jeffnik)
0000106: [Feature Request] Support for clean output to file (jeffnik)
0000120: [User Interface] Add Mneumonics to the connection dialogue (jeffnik)
0000086: [Main Program] Paste to 'connect' dialog goes to main window input if main window open. (jeffnik)
0000004: [User Interface] Disappearing windows in X-Windows (jeffnik)
0000118: [Plug-in] Highlighting of individual terms in Gag and Highlights plug-in (jeffnik)
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Released 2005-07-01
JamochaMUD version 1.1 with fixes and features for version 1.2 (All fixes up to release v1.1 2005-10-03)
0000117: [Installation] Create autopackage distribution of JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000116: [Main Program] JamochaMUD does not always indicate disconnection or lost connection (jeffnik)
0000104: [Compiling] "edu" package is not included in the JamochaMUD source code (jeffnik)
0000103: [User Interface] User-defined size for text entry area (jeffnik)
0000109: [User Interface] Keyboard navigation of MU* output (jeffnik)
0000107: [Main Program] forward slashes won't work (jeffnik)
0000057: [User Interface] Not all keystrokes are registered by input window (jeffnik)
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Released 2005-03-13
JamochaMUD bugs leading up to the 1.1 release of JamochaMUD.
0000099: [Installation] OS/2 installation script (os2setup.cmd) (jeffnik)
0000102: [Plug-in] jarfile version of JamochaMUD does not give access to the "built-in" plug-ins (jeffnik)
0000061: [Main Program] Add auto-logging (jeffnik)
0000088: [Main Program] never get a chance to login, booted right away (jeffnik)
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Released 2001-03-26
Versions of JamochaMUD leading up to the 1.0 release.
0000011: [Plug-in] Gag & Triggers plug-in dialogue needs severe reworking. (jeffnik)
0000010: [User Interface] Focus problem in Windows (jeffnik)
0000017: [Main Program] JamochaMUD icon does not always show on main window (jeffnik)
0000020: [Feature Request] JAVA2_USERHOME support for OS/2 Java Kit (jeffnik)
0000021: [Main Program] In multi-user mode Windows (98) can't find plug-ins (jeffnik)
0000068: [User Interface] Window title does not change when MU* tabs are switched (jeffnik)
0000033: [Main Program] Pause isn't released after copy (jeffnik)
0000036: [Plug-in] JamochaMUD 'hangs' if no plug-ins are present (jeffnik)
0000079: [Installation] Jar-file archives should always have the same name. (jeffnik)
0000072: [Plug-in] Plug-ins should be active by default (jeffnik)
0000071: [User Interface] Pop-up history menu appears in odd places (jeffnik)
0000065: [Plug-in] Plug-ins load twice (jeffnik)
0000083: [Main Program] 'Connect' dialog can't be closed if main window not open. (jeffnik)
0000094: [User Interface] Null Pointer Exception with double-click on output text (jeffnik)
0000084: [Feature Request] Create font-selection dialogue (jeffnik)
0000076: [User Interface] Extra window appears (jeffnik)
0000019: [Main Program] JamochaMUD does not always save preference in proper location (jeffnik)
0000089: [Feature Request] Java Web Start (JamochaMUD.jws) (jeffnik)
0000053: [User Interface] JamochaMUD silently fails if Swing is not present (jeffnik)
0000054: [User Interface] Custom colours do not work in Gag & Trigger plug-in (jeffnik)
0000055: [User Interface] Bottom of menus hidden behind text-input box. (jeffnik)
0000062: [User Interface] Plug-in properties are not accessible from the main window (jeffnik)
0000052: [User Interface] Menu icons do not show up when using JamochaMUD from a jar-file (jeffnik)
0000066: [User Interface] Cannot get list of /set of /def properties (jeffnik)
0000069: [User Interface] Anti-aliased text (jeffnik)
0000051: [User Interface] Missing information on Fonts/Colours dialogue box (jeffnik)
0000046: [User Interface] Report Bug menu item creates a looping ArrayException (jeffnik)
0000044: [Main Program] Better start-up values for JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000039: [Feature Request] Create a jar-file archive of JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000013: [User Interface] Reconnect to MU* doesn't re-use window (jeffnik)
0000085: [Main Program] some invisible text @ (jeffnik)
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