Released 2001-03-26
Versions of JamochaMUD leading up to the 1.0 release.
0000010: [User Interface] Focus problem in Windows (jeffnik)
0000079: [Installation] Jar-file archives should always have the same name. (jeffnik)
0000036: [Plug-in] JamochaMUD 'hangs' if no plug-ins are present (jeffnik)
0000033: [Main Program] Pause isn't released after copy (jeffnik)
0000068: [User Interface] Window title does not change when MU* tabs are switched (jeffnik)
0000021: [Main Program] In multi-user mode Windows (98) can't find plug-ins (jeffnik)
0000020: [Feature Request] JAVA2_USERHOME support for OS/2 Java Kit (jeffnik)
0000017: [Main Program] JamochaMUD icon does not always show on main window (jeffnik)
0000011: [Plug-in] Gag & Triggers plug-in dialogue needs severe reworking. (jeffnik)
0000072: [Plug-in] Plug-ins should be active by default (jeffnik)
0000071: [User Interface] Pop-up history menu appears in odd places (jeffnik)
0000065: [Plug-in] Plug-ins load twice (jeffnik)
0000083: [Main Program] 'Connect' dialog can't be closed if main window not open. (jeffnik)
0000084: [Feature Request] Create font-selection dialogue (jeffnik)
0000094: [User Interface] Null Pointer Exception with double-click on output text (jeffnik)
0000089: [Feature Request] Java Web Start (JamochaMUD.jws) (jeffnik)
0000019: [Main Program] JamochaMUD does not always save preference in proper location (jeffnik)
0000076: [User Interface] Extra window appears (jeffnik)
0000052: [User Interface] Menu icons do not show up when using JamochaMUD from a jar-file (jeffnik)
0000013: [User Interface] Reconnect to MU* doesn't re-use window (jeffnik)
0000039: [Feature Request] Create a jar-file archive of JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000044: [Main Program] Better start-up values for JamochaMUD (jeffnik)
0000046: [User Interface] Report Bug menu item creates a looping ArrayException (jeffnik)
0000069: [User Interface] Anti-aliased text (jeffnik)
0000066: [User Interface] Cannot get list of /set of /def properties (jeffnik)
0000051: [User Interface] Missing information on Fonts/Colours dialogue box (jeffnik)
0000062: [User Interface] Plug-in properties are not accessible from the main window (jeffnik)
0000055: [User Interface] Bottom of menus hidden behind text-input box. (jeffnik)
0000054: [User Interface] Custom colours do not work in Gag & Trigger plug-in (jeffnik)
0000053: [User Interface] JamochaMUD silently fails if Swing is not present (jeffnik)
0000085: [Main Program] some invisible text @ (jeffnik)
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